Explore the impactful initiatives of Beyond The Reef, a dedicated non-profit organization committed to preserving our oceans. A significant portion of the proceeds from the We Be Divin’ shop directly contributes to supporting Beyond The Reef’s vital work.

Visit their website at https://1beyondthereef.com to discover more about their passionate and industrious team, actively engaged in marine conservation efforts across the British Virgin Islands. Witness their dedication as they dive into the waters and traverse the beaches, diligently clearing ghost fish gear and plastics.

Throughout the year, the team undertakes various projects, including surveying whales to enhance our understanding of the diverse whale species in the BVI. They also tag sharks, unraveling crucial insights into their eating and breeding grounds, as well as identifying shark breeds inhabiting the BVI. Furthermore, the team conducts comprehensive surveys on coral health and innovatively constructs artificial reefs, providing a thriving environment for coral growth while creating captivating dive sites for enthusiasts in the BVI.